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Body Panels - Various

Free delivery to UK mainland on all orders over £200 (UKP).
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Part Number Description Price in UK pounds
806707 Battery Box - All models 12.50
814628 Roof Edge Finisher Strip - GT6 3 only 10.00
908022A Doorskin R.H. - Spitfire 1 2 3, GT6 1 2 N/A
915362A Doorskin R.H. - Spitfire 4 1500, GT6 3 N/A
908021A Doorskin L.H. - Spitfire 1 2 3, GT6 1 2 N/A
915361A Doorskin L.H. - Spitfire 4 1500, GT6 3 N/A
624711 Rain Gutter R.H. - Spitfire 4 1500, GT6 3 N/A
624701 Rain Gutter L.H. - Spitfire 4 1500, GT6 3 N/A
911327 Boot Lid - Spitfire 4 1500 169.00

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Telephone: 01986 895387 or Fax 01986 896860

Or email to for further information or a quote. If you are enquiring about a part that we do not list please provide as much information as possible about your car (year, model, engine size etc.).

We can take orders by telephone or fax if payment is by credit card and we will normally dispatch the following day.

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